Privacy Policy

The following terms and conditions should be read carefully to understand how Pebble Beach uses and protects information that is provided as a result of accessing the website. By registering or making any reservation via the Website you consent to the use and transfer of your information under the terms of this policy.

1. General Information

Pebble Beach is located at Marine Drive, Barton on Sea. Michael Caddy T/A Pebble Beach (PB) is the owner of this Website.

2. Terms of Use and access

The terms of use and access herein regulate the use of the service on this website (hereinafter called “website”) that Pebble Beach make available to users on the Internet.

The use of the Website and its contents attribute the condition of “User” (hereinafter called the “User”) and involves the acceptance of all the conditions contained in this Legal Notice, in the version published at the moment of the access. The User undertakes to make a diligent use of the Website, in accordance with the Law and the Privacy Policy.

PB reserves the right to discontinue at any time and without previous notice the access to the Website as well as to interrupt the delivery of any or all services provided through it, either for technical reasons, security, maintenance, failures in the electricity supply or any other cause. The interruption may be temporary or permanent.

Pebble Beach does not guarantee the reliability and availability of the Website, hence, the use of the Website by the Users is done by their own risk.

Certain services are exclusively for our clients; their access is restricted and may be subject to special conditions.

3. Object

This Website is designed to inform all Users about the products and services offered by Pebble Beach, which may subject to change at any time and without notice; as well as the design, production, configuration and the content of the Website.

4. Data Collection Forms

All information provided by the user through the forms of the Website or any other must be truthful. For these purposes, the User guarantees the authenticity of the data and shall keep updated the information provided; being responsible for false or inaccurate information and for the damages caused to PB.

5. Entering links to Website

The Website in which the link is located may not make or display any false, inaccurate or incorrect statement or remark about Pebble Beach, its partners, employees or clients. It is prohibited, in any case, to express on the Website in which the link is located, that PB has given its consent for the insertion of the link or participates as a sponsor or collaborator and/or verifies the services offered by the author of the link.

The Web Page in which the link is located must comply with the requirements of the Law and cannot have, make available or link the User to any content that:

  • Be illegal, harmful or contrary to morality and decency (pornographic, violent, racist, etc.)
  • Deceives or is likely to induce the User into the misconception that Pb endorses, supports or joins, in any way, the ideas, demonstrations or expressions, legal or illegal of the sender.
  • Be inappropriate in relation to the activity of PB.

6. Intellectual Property

All information contained on this Website, as well as the graphic design, images, sources codes, trademarks, trade names, names, publications, reports, etc. are subject to intellectual property rights owned by Pebble Beach and/or third parties.

The access to the Website does not involve, in any case, the resignation, transfer, assignment, total or partial license of such intellectual property rights or confer any right to use, translation, adaptation, alteration, exploitation, reproduction, distribution or public communication, of such contents, for commercial purposes without prior express authorisation of Pebble Beach or third party holder of the concerned rights.

7. Disclaimer

By accessing and using the Website, or any of the information on it, the User acknowledges that, while reasonable endeavours have been used to ensure that all information contained on the Website is correct, accurate and up to date, PB make no warranties, representations or undertakings that the material on the Website will be free from infections, viruses, worms, trojan horses and/or other codes that have contaminating or destructive properties. (It is the Users responsibility to take protective steps such as virus checking).

The existence of linked third party sites does not involve any kind of agreement with the managers or owners of such sites, nor recommendation, promotion or identification of Pb with the information, remarks, opinions, contents or services provided.

8. Protection of Personal Data
Pebble Beach will manage the Users’ data on a confidential basis and exclusively for the purpose of managing the relationship with the customers and promote their activities. Pb will cancel, delete and/or block inaccurate or incomplete data, as well as the personal data that is no longer necessary or relevant to the purpose for which it was collected in accordance to the provisions of the Legislation on personal data protection.

On the Forms for data collecting, the spaces in which an asterisk is indicated are binding, therefore, if the User does not provide the data, Pb can deny the service or services requested.

9. Cookies

This Website uses cookies for analytics purposes. A cookie is a small file that the Website stores in the User’s computer.

Users can configure their browser so as to prevent the creation of cookies or display a warning in case it happens. The Website is accessible without enabling the options concerning cookies, although they may prevent the proper development of the security mechanisms for certain services or exclusive services that may require greater security. The final purpose of cookies is to facilitate the navigation of the user on the Website.

During the visits to the Website, most of the information we gather – such as the domain from which the User connects to the Internet, time of access, Internet address from which the User makes direct link to our site – is purely statistical and it is not personalised. We use the information on the number of visits only in order to make our site more useful and interesting for our users.