Pierre Chevillard

Pierre has worn the mantle of head chef for several decades and he’s still as in love with food today as he was growing up in one of France’s gastronomic centres, Le Couteau, near Lyon. Over the years he’s gained quite a fan club and held a Michelin star for more than 24 years.

He cut his teeth in a one Michelin-starred restaurant before moving to the famous three starred Trioisgros, in Roanne. He then came to England in 1979 and joined Chewton Glen as sous chef where he quickly took over as head chef and remained for 24 years, winning and retaining his Michelin star for the duration.

Pierre blends effortlessly the traditions of French and English cuisine. He’s a stickler for detail and many of his young and now famous protégés learned patience, perseverance and technique under his careful watch.

Modestly, Pierre prefers his kitchen to notoriety and for him smiling diners are his highest achievement. Pierre and Pebble Beach are a match made in heaven. Relaxation and patience are in harmony here. As Pierre’s diners relax and gaze out over the West Solent and Isle of Wight, Pierre patiently concocts delightful sides and even he never tires of the view.